93: Featured reader – Monique

Another week, another awesome reader to introduce to y’all!

Remember: if you want to be my next featured reader, let me know in the comments (or send me an email)!

This week’s featured reader: Monique

Monique is a native of Texas and now makes her home in the great state of Georgia.

A little more about her:

1. How many of Danielle’s books have you read? Just one so far, but I’d like to read her newest book, Secrets of the Deep, next.

2. Do you have a favorite? By default, The Containment Zone.

3. What other types of books do you like to read? Mostly historical fiction, mysteries/suspense/thrillers, and the occasional biography.

4. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate! Get out of town, vanilla.

5. Beach or mountains? Mountains

6. If you had to trade lives with a character from one of Danielle’s books, who one would you choose and why?  I would trade lives with Prime Minister Rodgers from The Containment Zone because I think she has the ability to influence and affect change for the better within her country and internationally. I would also like to serve as a positive role model, as she seems to in the novel. 

Thanks so much, Monique! Happy reading!


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