94: Help Me Pick a Book Title!

Hey everyone! Happy February! (Wait, it’s February already? Whut?)

As frequent readers of my blog already know, I’m currently hard at work on Book #7. It’s a psychological thriller set to be released sometime this spring, and it’s in need of a title!

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before: an open call for suggestions on what the book title should be.

I’ve included a synopsis below. After you read it, please suggest a title or two in the comments. If I pick yours, you’ll get a special shout-out in the Acknowledgments section of the book!

Thanks in advance – and I hope you like this teaser! 🙂


Richard Lewis entered Mountainside Psychiatric Hospital when he was sixteen years old, diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and a danger to himself and society. Now thirty-seven, Richard spends hours each day scribbling song lyrics and other gibberish in a journal. The hospital’s director, Doug Leaman, must read the journal in order to monitor Richard’s treatment.

One day, the writing changes. It is no longer the ramblings of a madman, but rather complex, detailed stories of intrigue and murder. Sensing an opportunity to promote the hospital (and himself), Dr. Leaman submits Richard’s writing to a local book agent.

When Katelynn Williams receives a query letter from Mountainside, she is intrigued. The writing is good, the author’s background is compelling and unique, and the marketing opportunities are endless. On a hunch, Katelynn sends the manuscript to her brother Allen, an FBI agent who lives in Washington, DC. “Let me know if the details in the stories are realistic enough,” she tells him.

Five minutes after opening the document, Allen calls his sister demanding to know where she got the information, who the author is, and who else may have seen the manuscript. Because Richard Lewis’ schizophrenic writings aren’t schizophrenic writings at all: they’re behind-the-scenes, from the murderer’s perspective accounts of some of the FBI’s most notorious unsolved cases.

Together with his fiancé Reagan (also an FBI agent), Allen reopens the investigations and must determine how a man who has been institutionalized for over twenty years could know so much about a string of murders that happened on the outside. Is Richard Lewis the killer? The killer’s confessor? And when another body is discovered, this time carrying with it a message for the FBI, Allen and Reagan must race against the clock to find and stop the true madman in their midst.


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